:: 5 Causes Why Your Garage Door Will Stop Operating During Cold Season
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5 Causes Why Your Garage Door Will Stop Operating During Cold Season

Posted on 2015-11-30 by Author admin

The worst time that your garage door will experience. If you don’t attend to it, then it will blame you and make you suffer for your ignorance.

Be quick to do a repair to the entire garage door to prepare it for summer. Above all, garage door maintenance is highly recommended both during the winter and before. Just the same way Christians prepare for the coming of the Messiah, you should be prepared for the cold season by collecting all the garage door spare parts in case you wake up one morning to find your door not closing.
Knowing that your garage door will stop working during the cold season is not a big deal than knowing the causes of your garage door failure in the cold season. This will just help you to know where to start whenever the door breaks down during winter.
Let us now venture into some of the causes that will make your door stop functioning during winter.
First of all, you will have to examine the batteries in your remote control. Cold always make the batteries transmit weak signals. Also, cold can make the sensors be fogged. In case this happens, the lenses condense thus breaking the connection between the two sensors. This will make your garage door not to close.
If you have a wooden garage door, cold weather can make both the frame of the house and the garage door to absorb moisture and swell. The clearance that is usually between the house frame and the garage door decreases. What happens? The door starts to rub against the frame when it is being opened or closed. After some time, the door might completely stop to open.
Thirdly, winter and cold weather can make the grease that lubricates your garage door to operate smoothly to clog and form a hard grease. Guess what, you will have trouble going out. Excess greasing of your garage door can make your garage door rollers skip out of the alignment making it hard for the door to close and open smoothly.
By the law of physics metal contract in the cold and expand on heating. Since your garage door, parts consist of metals the door will contract during winter. garage door springs, torsion ball bearings and the screw and the rest of the metallic part of the garage door will contract and may break up causing your garage door not to open. Sometimes they may be hard to stretch as a result of excessive contraction.
Cold weather can make the grease on your garage door to thicken and form a hard clump that will cause your garage door not to open or close. Cold weather makes most of the lubricants to be poor lubricants. Frequent removal of grease and replacement is highly recommended.
All in all, garage door maintenance and repair are necessary for any garage door. Before you make any repair on the springs, it is good to consult a well-trained garage door professional.

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