:: 5 Signs You Must Look For While Replacing Your Garage Door Spring: Prevention Is Better Than Cure.
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5 Signs You Must Look For While Replacing Your Garage Door Spring: Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Posted on 2016-02-24 by Author admin

Did you know that your garage door is one of the most essential and also complex mechanical assets in your home? Undeniably, a garage door is one of those home assets most of ignoring, but just like our floors or lawn, it requires regular maintenance.

One part of your garage door which requires considerable attention is its torsion spring. The center-mounted spring usually wears over some time and will require immediate replacement.


Unlike several other home remodeling projects, it is very easy to define when you need replacing your garage door spring. Here are the top 5 signs to look out for:

  1. The Top Section of Your Garage Door Is Bent

Based on the configuration and type of your garage door, your electric opener might easily bend the top part when it attempts to open your garage door with a broken spring. This is very common when open force has been directed up all the way to the circuit board.

The close and open force on garage door openers is available as a safety precaution to avoid any situation like this one. Replacement of your top section could be very expensive based on the type of your door.

  1. Garage Door Cables seem to Be Broken

When a garage door service firm receives a phone call concerning a broken spring, the first thing the homeowner usually mentions is the cables are broken.

This is understandable since the cables on a garage door will become disconnected from the door, fall to the ground or even get stuck in between the jamb and the garage door.

It is very rare for cables to break or require replacement when a garage door springs breaks. If your garage door has 2 torsion springs, the second spring will hold the cables tight and on the drums. You will have to check the springs to determine if one is broken.

  1. Noisy operation

When a garage door spring breaks, a high amount of energy is displaced. Torsion springs are attached to the garage door, and they usually have a shaft running through the middle.

In case they break, the springs unwind immediately and produces a lot of noise due to the coils spinning on the common shaft.

  1. The Pulley and Cable Are Hanging Down

In case, your garage door is fully equipped with extension (often see on single car garages), the pulley and cable might be hanging down when these spring breaks. Extension springs just use a two-pulley mechanism on each side of the garage door to lift it up and down.

When the spring breaks, then everything else goes entirely wrong. This causes the cables to become twisted or frayed when they touch the metal edge of the track. There is a high force being released especially when a garage door spring breaks.

  1. Slow operation

Your garage door should close and open at a consistent speed. If you notice any reduction in speed, then there could be a serious issue with your remote door opener, blockage or probably the connection between the control panel and the garage door may require inspection.


Garages need to be maintained, and the number one source of garage door issues is the torsion springs. If you decide to replace them yourself, exercise a high level of safety. It is a risky project not advisable for a DIY beginner

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