:: 5 Tips for replacing garage door panels
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5 Tips for replacing garage door panels

Posted on 2016-01-30 by Author admin

Door panels have been known to be subjected to wear and tear. The garage door rollers which may be located at the bottom of the garage door may wear out due to lack of sufficient lubrication. This may prompt one to undertake garage door roller replacement.

Some of the tools that can be used in facilitating replacement of garage door panels include:

Nut Driver


Drill bits

Clamp (vise type)

Panel section for garage door

Scrap boards


Knee pad

Tape measure

After assembling the above tools, there is great need to ensure that you have taken the right measurements for the door panel to ensure that it perfectly fits.


Here are five major tips that can help to replace garage door panel:

1. Raising the garage door

At first, one needs to ensure that the garage door is raised (using the ladder) in order to efficiently replace the door panels. If the garage door opener is automatic, it would be critical to switch off or disconnect the power. The centre arm should also be removed from the garage door opener.

2. Disconnecting the tension springs

When it comes to garage door springs, there need to be proper care when they are being disconnected. This is because they tend to exert much pressure and tension on the garage door. A good hammer can help this out. After ensuring that the tension springs are in the right place, one can then dislodge them from the turnbuckles that hold them. Garage door spring replacement can then be undertaken later.

Once the tension springs have been disconnected, the garage door can be lowered slowly. In order to facilitate easy removal of the panel, scrap board can be used to raise the garage door about 4 inches from the ground.

3. Holding the door while removing the lower panel

Vise clamp can be attached just close to the tracks of the garage. It should be located below the bearings. It is meant to hold the upper area of the garage door. One can then remove the scrap board in order to reach for the panel below. With the aid of a nut driver, one can easily loosen the bolts that are providing support to the bottom panel.

4. Lowering the panel

Using a scrap board place at the lower part of the garage door, one can then lower the bottom panel. Once the bottom panel has been removed, the scrap board can also be removed. It is good to ensure that the vise clamp is holding the garage door perfectly on the upper part.

5. Replacing the panel

Once the bolts that are providing support to the bottom panel have been loosen, the panel can then be comfortably removed. A new one can then be installed to efficiently improve the performance of the garage door. To facilitate garage door replacement, drill holes can be made using drill bits on the hinges and brackets.

Once the entire process (involving garage door spring replacement and garage door roller replacement) has been concluded for the garage door repair, garage door weather seals can be installed at the edges of the garage door to ensure that there are no gaps left. They can be efficient for weatherproofing. The garage door can then be painted to give it an appealing look.

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