:: Atlanta Home Garage Doors has developed a list of six Garage Door Maintenance and Safety tips for home owners:
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Atlanta Home Garage Doors has developed a list of six Garage Door Maintenance and Safety tips for home owners:

Posted on 2015-04-20 by Author admin

Garage doors require regular maintenance. There are many components forming a complete garage door system such as door springs, door opener, rollers, cables, door drum, tracks, weather seal, and door panel. Problems with any one of them can leave people stranded out of their garages.

These are the six Garage Door Maintenance and Safety tips:

1. Prevent corrosion or breaking of garage door springs.

Frequently opening and closing garage doors can break those springs. If the spring is corroded it becomes noisy and that is an indication that some rust is forming in the spring due to some salt and moisture reaching inside or on those door springs.

2. Make it a point to inspect garage door's weather seal

The problem with garage door's weather seal is it does not trouble until it bends, cracks, or is irreparably damaged and needs to be replaced. Therefore, inspecting it at regular intervals is the only way to prevent problems associated with it. Left unattended, the weather seal can become the cause for illness in the family because it lets outside weather into the garage, and even inside home bringing along with it all microbes, and dampness. If inspection of weather seal is a problem, people in Atlanta, GA, can always seek help from Atlanta Home Garage Doors for regular inspection. These professionals inspect and even undertake replacement of damaged weather seals. Special equipment is needed for replacing such seals, so it is not a DIY job.

3. Replace broken garage door rollers and doors promptly

Garage door's rollers are known to break after some years due to regular wear and tear or rough handling. Garage door starts making peculiar sounds but is still functional. Left unattended, the next casualty would be the door, so a stitch in time saves nine here.

Garage door drums too get damaged, and since they are attached to springs more problems are likely to ensue if these grooved roller drums are not replaced.

4. Attend to door opener problems

Contemporary door openers are electronically operated. If the garage door is banged or handled roughly, this can get damaged. It needs to be looked into immediately. At times, the cable may give way too.

5. If the garage door panel is bent, opt for repair to that part

Many people are unaware of this option, and hesitate to seek the help of professionals in time due to cost factor because the garage door does not appear to have any major problem apart from the fact that it is bent. But replacing that door is often a minor expense. If not replaced in time, it can allow water to enter in and damage things inside, including rusting springs, cables, rollers, etc. It can also make people at home sick because of colder and damp climate.

6. Replace tracks promptly if they are bent

Bent garage door tracks can damage the garage door's panel, cable, springs, etc., if not attended to promptly. But inspection of the problem and replacement of tracks requires some expertise so seeking help of professionals is better.

Atlanta Home Garage Doors also has a few tips to share with homeowners for preventing damage to their garage doors and all its components. These include

1. Don't use garage door like any other door. It is not meant to be opened and closed frequently. Nor is it meant to be banged.

2. Inspect the parts of the garage door frequently and be attentive to any noises from it.

3. Do not think garage door is a DIY job and meddle with its mechanism

4. If there is a problem, do not ignore it. Seek help from professionals.

Atlanta Home Garage Doors is one of the best garage door related services in Atlanta. The list of their services includes repairs, maintenance, inspection, and installation, apart from emergency assistance. Over the years, the company has worked on several garage door brands including Northwest Door, Wayne Dalton, Amarr, and C.H.I. In addition, this home garage door business has installed several brands of garage door openers, in particular garage door opener models from Guardian and Lifemaster.

To know more information about garage door repair, visit us at Atlanta Home Garage Doors or you can leave us a review on MerchantCircle, Kudzu and FindUsLocal Visit now!

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