:: Garage Door Installation and Garage Door Repair Guide
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Garage Door Installation and Garage Door Repair Guide

Posted on 2015-08-24 by Author admin

When thinking of garage door repair or installation, it is always vital to follow the right guide or procedure. Many people have been injured while installing or repairing doors not because they didn't know what to do but simply because they overlooked or assumed some crucial details contained in the manual. The following should be adhered to during the repair or installation:

  1. Keep Your Hands Safe

If you are thinking of garage door installation or repair, ensure that your hands are safe. Don't poke your hands in the track, section joints or other parts of the door. There is high chance of the door accidentally opening or closing, or you forgetting that your fingers or hands are in the mentioned region. The next thing you realize is the door squeezing or even breaking your hand or fingers.

  1. Don't Allow Children Nearby

While undertaking the garage door opener repair, installing a new door, of fitting new springs, you may see it cool to have the kids watch the proceedings. I mean, they are naturally curious, and it may be a good bonding time. Unfortunately, they are at risk of being hit by the door, or sharp objects such as screws or metal fillings bruising their skin. Simply keep the kids off the work area.

  1. Don't Attempt To install a door On Your Own

Calling your friend or neighbor to assist you in the garage door opener installation or fitting the new door may seem to be inconveniencing or not possible at the time. The next option is hoisting a half or one-tone door on your own. Sadly, many people get injured when the heavy door falls on them as they try to lift or align it. Always have a helper nearby.

  1. Leave Torsion Springs Repair To the Experts

Installing the torsion spring may seem as one of the easiest garage door repair. Isn't it a matter of removing the faulty spring and fitting in the new one? Well, this is true. But, the high tension spring can easily harm your fingers, eyes, and other regions if it accidentally comes off the hook. Fitting the spring isn't for DIY (Do-it-Yourself) but for professionals.

  1. Keep the Working Area Clean

When undertaking garage door installation or repair you should always keep the working environment clean. It may seem like double work but will make the job flow faster and enhance safety. Leaving the lug nuts lying around, springs scattered all over, and the bad panels hanging loosely is dangerous. You should have a carton or box where you store the parts.

  1. Electricity and Water Don't Mix

Garage door opener repair is among the most common repairs. It also looks simple because modern units are much smaller and less bulky. However, they operate on electricity. Attempting to repair the accessory in wet weather or in a moist environment is highly discouraged. You are at risk of getting an electrical shock or short-circuiting the system and damaging it.

The above guidelines will ensure garage door opener installation, fitting new doors, replacing panels, fixing new torsion springs, or any other type of garage door repair progresses smoothly and is done in a safe manner.

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