:: Points to Keep in Mind While Doing Garage Door Installation
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Points to Keep in Mind While Doing Garage Door Installation

Posted on 2015-09-28 by Author admin

When you get to that time when you have to install a new garage door, there are a number of points that you need to keep in mind to avoid falling victim to the consequences of failing to treat them with the seriousness that they deserve. Nobody would want fall into a situation where they have to repeat the installation process because there are things that weren't done properly, or weren't done at all.

A perfectly followed garage door installation procedure always pay with a smoothly functioning garage door that also has minimized chances of breaking down. Here are some of the points;

Measurements and Accuracy: With the accurate measurements of the relevant door parts you get to purchase the right garage door with the right specifications and measurements. Put into consideration whether or not to install extra grill of hinges for the garage door.

Check if you need to install steel stiffener too: Most residential garage door installation instructions usually propose the installation of this devise to aid your electric door operator in lifting your garage door. Some garage doors have it built in while a majority of these door kits fail to include it and require you to purchase it separately. Failure to install steel stiffener may result in a very destructive jerking motion of the electric lift which can eventually bend the top panel of your door until the system get jammed.

The lift motor is supposed to be connected to your garage door center and not off to one side. An off-center attachment of this lifting connection often twists the door gradually every time you start the lift motor. This will cause the bending of your garage door and then the panels before eventually affecting the entire door mechanism.

Use an Expert Service: It is always appropriate that an experts do the job because they are qualified enough to fully understand how the measurements work. They have the right tools, equipment, and expertise required for a success garage door installation. If in the later date you hire the same expert who installed your door to perform a garage door repair, he will find it easier to locate and correct the problem.

Never use nails in mounting anything associated with your garage door, or the garage door opener and other accessories. Use only lag screws or any large screws in mounting wood blocks or hardware to walls or ceiling. Nails are susceptible to pulling out in response to the vigorous vibration and jerking of the door motor. This can in turn loosen the motor or actuate the arm support and causing the door to jam.

Consider your taste, preference and your financial ability: Make sure you purchase and install the kind of garage door that is both appealing to you and appropriately priced. Garage doors serves as the main entrance point to our homes in most cases, and so it needs to feature an attractive appearance even if it isn't the most expensive one in the market.

Provide Technicians with Relevant Information. If you choose to hire a professional to perform the task, you must feed them with all the relevant information required, so as to attain perfection with your garage door installation. Tell them the problem and how you may want it to be look at the end of the installation.

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