:: Proper Maintenance of Garage Doors is Often Overlooked by Homeowners
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Proper Maintenance of Garage Doors is Often Overlooked by Homeowners

Posted on 2015-05-20 by Author admin

One of the most important item which is overlooked by homeowners is the garage door. Recent study show that about half of the respondents stated that they have never maintained their garage door. Your garage door needs regular maintenance like other mechanical device. Your garage door can be strong, made of high quality materials and well-constructed, but it still needs maintenance to prolong its functional life and keep it durable. There are many garage door maintenance procedures that have been overlooked by homeowners. Here are some of them.

  1. Visual Inspection

Standing inside the garage and checking for noticeable damages is something you need to do regularly. You need to look carefully at bracket, sensors, rollers, cables, torsion springs and any part of the garage door. If you have never done visual inspection for a while, you have to check if the bolts hold everything together. Replace all the missing bolts and tighten all loosen ones.

  1. Balance Test

Modern doors have automatic opener. Due to daily usage, the garage door are susceptible to wear and tear making it slightly out of balance. The garage door's balance is the most important component in its operation. If it is not balanced appropriately, the garage door opener will need to work harder to get the door opened or closed.

To do the test, press the wall or remote button to close the door and then disconnect the automatic opener. A correctly balanced door opens quite easily even without the opener. Actually, the door moves up smoothly with little resistance and remains open. If you find that it is difficult to lift up the door, it means your garage door needs garage door opener maintenance. Thus, you need to call a professional to repair it.

  1. Reversing Mechanism

All garage doors come with mechanical component and photocell. Thus, you can test auto-reverse mechanism either physically or by use of photocell system. Do physical test, you need a piece of brick or a wood on the garage floor where the door lands. When the door hits the object upon descending, it will automatically reverse in direction.

To test using photoelectric system, find where the monitors are, shut the garage door and immediately put your foot in the way of the beams. Again, the door will reverse in direction automatically.

If the auto-reverse mechanism fails, have it fixed by a professional immediately. Also, garage doors older than twenty years lack these vital features; hence you need to buy one.

  1. Force Setting

A garage door having automatic opener can also reverse door panel movement even when there is nothing which blocks the sensors. The auto-reverse mechanism occurs when the bottom of the door touches any physical obstruction. To do the test, press the wall or remote button to close the door. While the door moves downward hold the bottom of the door with your arms. A garage door which functions properly will automatically reverse to evade accidents. If the door panel continues moving, remove your hand from the door immediately and call a professional to fix the system.

  1. Lubrication

No test can end without doing lubrication to all moving parts including hinges, tracks, rollers and springs. It is wise to use the recommended lubricants by manufacturer of your garage.

If your door is maintained properly, it works properly for many years to come. Keep in mind to contact your local garage door company before doing any repair yourself.

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