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Garage Door Opener Installation - Atlanta, GA

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An easy way to operate garage door easily, get garage door opener installed

A garage door opener opens and closes the garage doors. You often find that the garage door opener is controlled by switches on the garage walls and remote controls. The garage door has springs that are under tension, and the garage door opener provides the required force to control the opening and the closing of the garage door. Most companies that offer garage door repair and maintenance do the garage door opener installation. The garaged door opener is usually installed above the garage door. The garage door opener has a trolley that is connected to an arm that slides back and forth. The arm is attached at the top of the garage door, and as it slides, it either closes or opens the garage door.

Let's take a look at the types of garage door openers we offer in Atlanta:

  • Chain driven openers
  • Belt driven openers
  • Screw system openers

Points to Consider:

It's important that before starting garage door opener installation, you check is the garage door is opening and closing properly. This is a safety precaution. Companies that offer garage door opener installation services in Atlanta, should also offer professional inspection to determine whether all other parts of the garage door are working properly. It's also very important to check the garage door balance. Just open it halfway and let it go. If it moves up or down, then it has a problem. Check the torsion springs and if you suspect a problem, call the professionals, who offer garage door opener installation services in Atlanta, to adjust the issues for you. Try and choose the right garage door openers for installation. They all come in different modifications and pieces. It's necessary, at this point, to contact the companies that deal with garage door repair and maintenance for tips on the right garage door opener to install.

Garage Door Opener Installation

After confirming that the garage door has no other problem and it is the right time for garage door opener to use, you can start the garage door opener installation. You should try and set the opener on a ladder, so that you set it at the right height. During the garage door opener installation, follow the manual on how to assemble the opener and mount the rail.

  • The rail is mounted to the header which is above the door.
  • Set the garage door opener when the garage door is open, as it becomes easier to align the garage door opener.
  • The garage door opener should be mounted well. A garage door opener will have a longer life if the vibrations are minimized.

You can achieve this by having a solid mounting. You should also attach an angle brace to the garage door opener, if the distance between the opener and the ceiling is more than 6 inches. This will prevent swaying. The opener comes with a new set of the wall buttons and photoelectric eyes. Make sure that the wires running from the opener to the photo eyes are fit. At this point, you can check the garage door's opening force. Open it with the remote control, and if doesn't stop after you put little pressure on it with your foot, adjust the opening force. It's important to counter check the opening and closing force.

After installation of Garage Door Opener, some of the tips need to know

Kids are known to spoil garage door opener control. Keep the garage door opener controls far from them. You should also keep away from the garage door while it's in motion. The garage door should be free of any obstructions. It's important to have regular inspection of the systems.

Call Atlanta Home Garage Doors for any kind of garage door opener issue or garage door repairs in Atlanta, maintenance and installation services in Atlanta.

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